A Change Is Growing

Black Dirt is a software platform. But we’re more interested in making big business out of small farming.

We believe that the ideal farm is the small farm. But while being small often means better farming practices, it’s also meant a smaller chance of financial success.

Black Dirt is providing the education, technology, and partnerships that are allowing CSAs and small- to medium-sized farms to reclaim their place at the top of the food chain.

We believe your small farm can be a big business. 


Something Special is Starting to sprout

Black Dirt gives big farm tools and technology to small farms, CSAs, and gardeners.

Upgrade Your Farm

Black Dirt Software was developed over many years on our own small farm. In many ways, it’s a radical departure from the norm. We’ve tried and experimented with a number of processes that go against the CSA grain.

Everything we’ve learned has been built into Black Dirt to help your business operate more efficiently, grow better food, attract and retain more customers, and run a better business.

It’s a different approach, but one we believe in. 


Small Farms. Big Tools.

Black Dirt takes big farm technology and gives it to small farms.


Crop Management

Plant and Garden Planning
Harvest Tracking
Tray Starts
Seed Inventory

Operations Schedule



Production Report
Real-Time Garden Report
Garden History
Now Growing Filters
Crop Rotation Wizard
Seed Usage
What We Grew

Unlimited Users

Pay What You Can


Customer Acquisition

New CSA Signups
New Vendor Signup
Farmer's Market Log
Lead Tracking

CSA Management

Customer Profile
Feedback Tools
Share Customization
Stop/Resume Shares
Location Management
Database Import

Vendor Management

Submit a PO
Weekly Fresh Sheets

Product Management

Create/Edit Shares
Add/Remove Plants


Harvest Advisor
Packing Advisor


Purchase Statistics
Share Day Report

Coming Soon


Website Integration

Front End Design
Black Dirt Integration
Online Ordering
Newsletter Signups
Lead Capture
Website Analytics

Marketing Materials

Social Content
Monthly Social Content
Blog Content Calendar
Holiday Emails
Affiliate Marketing
Product Info Cards
Rewards Program


Automated Emails

Partner Opportunities

Farmer’s Market Tools

Others To Be Announced

Coming Late 2019

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Black Dirt Was Born in A Barn


Black Dirt is a homegrown innovation—born in a barn, grown from the ground up on a real farm, nurtured in the dirt, and created by the sweat of another farmer’s brow. We know it works for farmers because it was built by one.


A New Approach to Farming

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“On a farm filled with tools, Black Dirt is perhaps our most valuable. It has helped us better manage our crops, retain our customers, and run a more profitable farm. It’s changed everything.”

—Clinton / La Nay Ferme / Utah