WHo Is Black Dirt Software for?

It was built for the CSA and small- to medium-sized farm. But it’s just as effective for gardeners, ranchers, and growers of all sorts.

Why the need for another software?

There are many great software platforms out there. But we found them prohibitively expensive for our small farm. And the ones that weren’t often lacked certain features we felt were vital to being successful. But perhaps most importantly, they were built for maintenance, not growth. They didn’t have the power to radically transform how we operated.

What makes Black Dirt different?

You’ll find we do things differently than the typical CSA. This will make many users uncomfortable. But everything we’ve included in our software is there because it works.

A few things that make us different include:
1. Our belief in making the CSA more convenient than the grocery store. (This means the ability to pause/resume shares, delivery to your doorstep, a la carte purchasing, alternative payment methods, and reward programs.)
2. We try to give away free the features other software companies charge for. Because we can. And because we believe that the small farm only wins if we all do.
3. Integration of your website with our software so that your store always reflects your inventory, as well as the necessary tools to automate the entire customer experience.

We hope you’ll follow our blog as we share more about the things we’re doing differently to make the small farm more successful.

Why Is Module One “Pay What You Can”?

First, being small farmers ourselves, we know how hard it is to make a profit. And most of the software out there today takes such a big cut that profitability is nearly impossible. We believe every community needs and deserves a CSA, so this was one way we could help.

Second, free in the software world usually means a bare-bones, ad-supported gateway drug to a paid version. Module One, though, is a robust crop-planning platform that we think is as good as anything on the market. So we wanted to be clear that this was not a “freemium” model.

Finally, “Pay What You Can” is an easy way for farmers who do find profitability using Black Dirt to help fund future improvements to the software. A special thank you to those of you who do contribute.

I need more help with the software.

We’ve worked hard to make our software simple to use. But there’s just no way around the fact that Black Dirt needs to know some basics about your farm in order for our super smart algorithms to help you run a better operation. We have a series of tutorials on YouTube to help you get started.