Getting Started: Plant Your Crops in Black Dirt

Black Dirt Software is incredibly smart. Once it’s set up, your CSA/small farm operation canvery nearly run itself, freeing you to invest your time in other moreimportant, more profitable things.

Within Module One, your CROP PLANNING tools are without doubt the most robust feature, which is why we refer to it as the crops module. There are CROP PLANNING tools to help you record,remember, and manage what you’ve planted, when you planted them, where they were planted, when you harvested them, and how much you harvested. Thesetools will also use this data to help you plan your crop rotations, manageyour tray starts, and plan future harvests. Of course, these particulartools aren’t in and of themselves entirely new. But we’ve made them free,which is something new. If these tools are all you choose to take from BlackDirt, they alone can save you thousands of dollars a year in software costs and improved efficiencies.

But just like the crops you grow, you can only harvest what you plant. So let’s get you started:


First, we need to know what you grow.

1. Under ADMIN, go to PLANTS.

2. Select the plants you grow and the page automatically saves them to your farm.


Second, we need to know how your gardens are set up.

3. Under ADMIN, go to GARDENS.

4. Name your gardens—we recommend numbers—but you can name them however you like. For each garden, enter how many rows you have.


Finally, we need to know how your farm is set up.


6. Pick a plant, tell us when you planted it, where you planted it, and how muchyou planted. Then click SAVE. Like that, you’ve entered your first plant.

7. Do this for all the plants you grow.

Once you’ve done this, go to CROPS and DASHBOARD. You can already see Black Dirt Software starting to work. Over time, and as more data is entered, the software will get smarter, feeding you information, alerts, and suggestions—you can see at-a-glance everything that’s happening on your farm.

For us, this has transformed everything about how we work. We hope it does the same for you.



(Our next two WIZARDS will help you set up the tools for managing 1) operation reminders on your farm and 2) seed inventory. Subscribe here if you haven’t already, or click GET STARTED to start using Black Dirt for free.)